Sterilizer II [Limited Hand-Numbered Cassette + Button]

Bronze cassette tape with two-sided, glossy, five panel j-card. Full album on both sides of tape.

Hand-signed + numbered

Comes with 1" metallic button.

Includes Bandcamp download code.


All tracks written, recorded, mixed & mastered by
Brandon Duncan @ Nerve War Studio Apr-Oct 2017. 

Made in the USA

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Sterilizer II [MP3 Download]

Want a download of Sterilizer II, but don't want to purchase from Bandcamp? Well here you go! You get a zip file with a 320kbps MP3 download of the album.


Nerve War + Sterilizer II + Red Market [Cassette Bundle]

Save money and get these 3 cassette tapes as a bundle. Includes all extras and download codes that you would receive buying them individually.

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All Tracks Written, Recorded Mixed & Mastered By Brandon Duncan @ Stull Studio June-October 2014. ©2014, All Rights Reserved.





Hellish, rigid, and merciless: This is industrial distilled to its core elements, and then executing them immaculately." - The Needle Drop


"The visual imagery Sterilizer inspires is one of its greatest strengths, because no matter which track you’re listening to, you’ll create a dark and unsettling image to go with it — it’s like an industrial, audio Rorschach test." - Leyla Ford @ Metal Sucks


"The punishing drum programming and seizure-inducing noise found on Sterilizer contains as much pummeling sonic muscle as it does utter emotional insanity. As one of my more astute Facebook pals noted, there are parts to the album that sound like, “Nailbomb going off in Godflesh's Fudge Tunnel”. I couldn't have put it better myself. Sterilizer does hark back to an age of musical revolution with its rapid-fire metal-and-electro-grind. But the album still manages to push forward into a new dark age, filled with abundant pandemonium and despair." - Craig Hayes / Metal Bandcamp


"Apocalyptic, industrialized, and a sleek killing machine." - Buck @


"Everything about Sterilizer, from the songs, to their titles, to the visual identity, feels like a singularly dehumanised vision perfectly realised." - Ross Mckendrick / Echoes & Dust


"This material is in your face, demanding your attention. There’s no silly segues or breakdowns. Cutting right to the chaff, “Sterilizer” is a burgeoning beast of angst and aggression. Based on the art and the song titles, it seems to almost come off as some sort of future-retro post apocalyptic public service announcement against procreation." - Joshua Decker @ Grindthieves


"It’s twenty-five minutes of technological terror that spot-welds industrial and electronic music onto a stainless steel skeleton of razor-sharp thrash; think mid-nineties Die Krupps getting sodomized by late-eighties/early-nineties Ministry and you’re halfway there." - That's How Kids Die


"This album fucks you up like an arc flash to the face." - Bruce Fraser


"What’s most impressive is how addictive these songs are despite their harshness and intensity. Make sure you know where the repeat button is. You’ll be looking for it when playing this." - Ryan Grant / Here To Destroy