2008 cinematic sci-fi album.

Track Listing

1] Visitors From The Void
2] The Delegate From Venus
3] Graveyard of Dreams
4] Scarlet Saints
5] Batwomen of Mercury
6] When The Comet Returned
7] Rings of Saturn
8] The Four Sided Triangle
9] A World Called Crimson
10] The Test Tube Girls
11] What Was The Fearful Secret of This Sacred Planet?


Robonaut : Limited Hand-Numbered Cassette

Chrome Plus high-bias black cassette tape with two-sided four panel j-card. This will more than likely be the last time this album is ever available in a physical format. Limited to 25 copies!

Includes Bandcamp download code (I'll e-mail it to you so you don't have to wait to get the cassette!)


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