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Nachtmaros [Kaiju WIP]

Been designing and sculpting kaiju like crazy, and have a new one ready to share! This is Nachtmaros, who originates from the same planet as Hauntrara and Paralyzor, only of a different species (note the six eyes instead of one, and lack of arms). It uses its psychological powers to invade the dreams of those it seeks to destroy. When they see it in real life, they often have a feeling of horrifying déjà vu as they gaze up to its presence...but not for long, considering the monster's swift and merciless attacks.


Side View


Perspective View

Front View

Top View

3/4 Rear View


Paralyzor [Kaiju WIP]

Here's the 2nd of my creatures for my still unnamed Kaiju project (though I have a few ideas for names :). This is Paralyzor, whose cyclopian stare freezes people in their tracks, in tandem with Hauntrara. These first two creatures are part of the same family, hence the similarity in their structure (one eye, scales, webbed limbs). Paralyzor is a surface based Kaiju and focuses more on small groups and precision attacks, where as Hauntrara is airborne and has a much broader effect on the masses.








Hauntrara [Kaiju WIP]

Here is a look at the first of a series of creatures I’m concepting and creating for my own set of kaiju collector cards!

This is Hauntrara, a flying dragon inspired kaiju that slowly hovers over cities and paralyzes their population in fear, making them vulnerable to the more physically destructive monsters.

This is an untextured/unposed model, as I’m learning ZBrush along the way with the project (and having a blast with it!) and haven’t quite figured all that out yet. The cards themselves will feature more fleshed out artwork, and of course plenty of insane kaiju destruction!

Also, each monster has its own sumi inspired mark to identify it with, based on its unique shape.





front VIEW


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Last night I wrapped up a poster for the new sci-fi action flick MANBORG directed by Steven Kostanski. I had a blast putting this together. Make sure and give the Manborg Facebook page a like and follow happenings with the movie on Twitter!

There's a few photos of the poster in progress below, along with the teaser trailer. I want to do more movie posters... hint hint ;) 

---/ Watch The Manborg Teaser Trailer /---


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Thrash Sells... But Who's Buying?

I recently had the opportunity to do the artwork for an underground thrash compilation put together by Tridroid Records. Thrash is one of my all time favorite genres, so this was a blast! I really wanted to honor the legacy of all the greatest thrash bands in history but still create something new in the process. It's a mix of photography and illustration. I really want to do more metal covers!

The comp features 15 raw-as-fuck-ripping tracks from thrash bands all over the globe. It's available now on Tridroid's BandCamp page. And there will be physical copies soon!

Bang your head!!!

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Hammers of Misfortune Shirt Illustration


John Cobbett

of the mighty

Hammers of Misfortune

 contacted me to do some artwork for a new shirt. After some heavy brainstorming based on the lyrics of the new album

17th Street

 and keeping up with John's


posts regarding the Occupy Movement, I felt like I had a pretty good grasp about what the shirt should be. Here is the final illustration with a few close ups. The shirt should be available on HoM's upcoming tour as well, so be on the look out! And if you haven't heard

17th Street

yet, you are seriously missing out. It is one of the most monumental albums I have heard in a very long time and is without a doubt one of the best, if not THE best album of 2011. Along with the artwork I'm also including the title track from their new album. Check it out!