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Thrash Sells... But Who's Buying?

I recently had the opportunity to do the artwork for an underground thrash compilation put together by Tridroid Records. Thrash is one of my all time favorite genres, so this was a blast! I really wanted to honor the legacy of all the greatest thrash bands in history but still create something new in the process. It's a mix of photography and illustration. I really want to do more metal covers!

The comp features 15 raw-as-fuck-ripping tracks from thrash bands all over the globe. It's available now on Tridroid's BandCamp page. And there will be physical copies soon!

Bang your head!!!

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The Fifth Fire

Recently, local Wichita, Kansas alternative rockers The Fifth Fire asked me to design them an album cover. After a nice discussion with their singer Mark Bryant about their music and how to portray it visually, we decided to run with the idea of a figure of significant power or royalty who, despite his social standing, is in a state of sadness. They currently don't have any of the recordings on their


page, but hopefully they will soon. The cd comes out June 18th.