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Blackened Metal Playlists on Spotify!

Attention lovers of all blackened varieties of metal! I've got a few Spotify playlists going if you'd like to subscribe! I also have tons more playlists, so feel free to add me and take a looksy. (Also, I have a new username now, so if you had added me in the past - you may need to add me again). And of course, if you have anything cool you'd like to share with me, please do. I love sharing music!

This is one of my all time favorite combination of metal genres. Nothing gets my blood pumping like some black thrash!

Featuring the likes of Absu, The Crown, Deströyer 666, Toxic Holocaust, Nekromantheon... and more!

Another favorite blend of mine. Death metal is great and all, but it's fucking incredible when it's smothered in blackness!

Featuring the likes of Angelcorpse, Azarath, Hacavitz, Kaamos, Verminous... and more!

If you're ready for bands that are just oozing with evil and not fucking around, this playlist is for you!

Featuring the likes of Arkhon Infaustus, Deiphago, Demoncy, Impious Baptism, Teitanblood... and more!


A Few More Playlists:

I'm keeping a running playlist of every metal album I can find that's being released this year that's available on Spotify! Subscribe!

Featuring the likes of Thorns, Dodheimsgard, Blacklodge and Stagnant Waters. Subscribe!

This is the new version of my previous ginormous black metal playlist on my old profile. All evil, all black, all metal! Subscribe!

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Thrash Sells... But Who's Buying?

I recently had the opportunity to do the artwork for an underground thrash compilation put together by Tridroid Records. Thrash is one of my all time favorite genres, so this was a blast! I really wanted to honor the legacy of all the greatest thrash bands in history but still create something new in the process. It's a mix of photography and illustration. I really want to do more metal covers!

The comp features 15 raw-as-fuck-ripping tracks from thrash bands all over the globe. It's available now on Tridroid's BandCamp page. And there will be physical copies soon!

Bang your head!!!

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After roughly two years, I have finally released my new album Inter-.  During the course of its writing and production I went from freelancing (aka starving to death) in Plainville Kansas, to starting a career in motion graphics and moving to Wichita, Kansas, and then switching jobs and moving again to Kansas City, Missouri. I also parted ways with a significant other, battled severe depression and started taking serious steps to improve my physical/mental health and lifestyle. A lot can happen in two years!

The album is available for your own price (even free if you choose!) over at BandCamp and thesequenceofprime.com. I hope you like it, but if not that's perfectly fine by me :)


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Skeletonwitch, Wrath & Ruin and Cast Pattern at the Jackpot Saloon - Lawrence, KS

Skeletonwitch killed it last night in Lawrence! By far one of the most fun shows I've ever seen. They were fun, energetic, and performed like a well oiled machine! Wrath & Ruin were a nice surprise, It was the first time I had ever seen or heard of them. Fans of mechanically tinged doom metal à la Godflesh should really look into them.

A few more photos can be found here.