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The Drums of Virion

I love programming drums. For my album Virion I used Ableton Live with a plugin from FXpansion called BFD2. While there is an insane amount of pre-made beats and loops available, I chose not to use them. Every electronic attack was individually punched-in on the timeline by yours truly.

Below are the full drum sequences of every track on Virion. For those unfamiliar with this method of composing music, here is a quick rundown: The overall view is called the Piano Roll. Every row represents a different drum sound. Each box represents a single attack. The darker the color of the box, the louder the volume. The pink handlebars across the bottom adjust the velocity of the corresponding hits above.

Look painful? To many people it is. Perhaps I am an obsessive control freak, but I can easily spend days on end working on a single track. Yes, I am probably crazy.

So here you have it, beat by beat. And if you haven't heard it, Virion is available for free download in its entirety over at thesequenceofprime.com.


Cenozoic Anoxia


Nuclear Winter


Particulate Matter

Dandelions in Spring