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Backlit 1

Ladies and Gentleman,

Today, I am pleased to announce that we have launched the early 2013 edition of Backlit! The first time around was an exercise in experimentation and development. This time around, it's all about refinement and advancement. I'm thrilled to say that I really feel like we have taken the zine of the future to the next level! Big thanks to all my Backlit homies - and especially to my fellow Overlord Josh Haun

for his positive attitude, ongoing support and patience to allow us to really fine tune the design side of this beast into something we're all proud of!

Here's the info on the new issue.

Backlit / 1
Early 2013
Now available at

Cover Art by Christian Edler

Articles, Columns & Interviews:

Frayed Threads of Vanity / Kyle Harcott
Worship Black Twilight / Jordan Campbell
Interview With Wreck & Reference / Joshua Haun
Interview With Voivod / Joshua Haun
Midnight Ride of the Graveyard Mule / Jordan Campbell
Doomsday Device #2 / Joshua Haun
Raping Angels in America #2 / Joshua Haun
Libations in the Labyrinth Vol. 2 / Dan Obstkrieg
Beneath The Grime #1 / Jon Rosenthal
Progressive Regression / Jordan Campbell

Art & Fiction:
Perfume Virus / Jordan Krall
Interview With Christian Edler / Brandon Duncan & Philip Tyson


Joshua Haun
Brandon Duncan

Contributing Writers:

Joshua Haun
Jordan Campbell
Dan Obstkrieg
Kyle Harcott
Jon Rosenthal

Copy Editor:

Dan Obstkrieg


Brandon Duncan
Philip Tyson
Spencer Walker