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A New Journey Begins

Last Friday, July 1st, 2011, was my last day of work at JustinMcClure.tv. I started working for Justin in the spring of 2010 as a freelancer. Things went well, and I eventually signed on as a full time employee in September 2010. From that short time till now I gained an insane amount of knowledge. I can say without a doubt that I probably learned more in the first three months than I did in an entire year of graduate school. Not to say that graduate school isn't informative...but it just doesn't compare to the real world.

In that time I had the pleasure of working on projects for Science Channel, Discovery Channel, SyFy and Sprint amidst numerous others. I also formed strong friendships with my coworkers and had many experiences that I will remember and cherish forever.

My last day was exciting. We shot intense green screen footage for a local community college of both live actors and tiny little stage props. I don't want to give any details away, but the spot is sure to be pretty unique. It will be posted over at www.justinmcclure.tv when the team wraps it up, so keep a lookout. At the end of the day we all went out to eat and they presented me with the award you'll see below. And yes, I started cracking up when I saw it :) There are also some pictures from the shoot, and a group shot with the crew at dinner. It was a nice farewell gathering.

Now I'm getting ready to move to Kansas City to start a new job and begin a new journey. I'm moving next weekend and start work right before the end of July. I will miss working at JustinMcClure.tv, but am incredibly enthusiastic about what lies ahead.

I'll conclude with a combination of two things that my coworkers heard from me constantly: "Hahahhahaha," and... "Fuck."