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Seclusia EP

Today was my personal deadline to release some new music. And here it is! I apologize for not getting another progress report written over the holidays, I decided to just keep working at it and polishing what I had. Originally my goal was to write and release a full album between November 1st and today. But I got crazy sick and lost over a third of my time. Rather than pushing back the deadline, I decided I'd focus on releasing an EP. So here you have it. I'm calling it


It's not metal. It rocks some times. It's pretty somber. It's kind of ambient. It's something totally different for me. This is just the first step towards something bigger, I feel.

Stream or download it at 


 and if you're interested browse through some of the past posts to see how it all came about!

<a href="http://seclusia.bandcamp.com/album/ep">EP by seclusia</a>

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Nothing gets me more excited than discovering killer music. Today while cruising around on Spotify I randomly ran across what is easily the most exciting and original slab of electronic sonic destruction I have heard in a long time. It's an album called

Super Death Explosion Kittens

by a guy named Duncan Hemingway, writing under the moniker of



Right at 20 minutes in length,

Super Death Explosion Kittens

doesn't exactly have time to beat around any bushes. It sucks you in, chews you up and spits you out before you can even say the words "HOLY SHIT." I simply cannot recommend this enough.

If you like it, throw the dude some cash on BandCamp or buy a CD. This is one man making the music he wants to make out of pure passion and nothing else. If you can't support that, then get off my lawn.

Fuck. Yes.


Super Death Explosion Kittens

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Super Death Explosion Kittens

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Super Death Explosion Kittens

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