"early graves"

"Anaal Nathrakh", "absvrdist", "blacklodge", "cattle decapitation", "converge", "deathspell omega", "deiphago", "early graves", "incantation", "killer mike", "napalm death", "overkill", "pig destroyer", "shining", "stagnant waters", "weapon"

Favorite Albums of 2012

2012 has been a whirlwind. I can't believe it's almost over. It went by faster than any year of my life, which is both impressive and scary. If shit starts going any faster I'm gonna be an ol' geezer writing a

Best of 2050

list before I know it! A lot of shitty things happened this year, but fuck all that, a lot of really great things happened too. To reminisce a little, I released a new album (and an EP), made some great new friends - both on the 'net and in real life (whoa!), launched a new website that's more fitting for what I've evolved into as an artist, and together with Josh Haun and an elite force of writers and artists started the zine of the fuckin' FUTURE! Whew!

What would a good year be without a good soundtrack though? Probably not a good year at all. So enough with this intro shit, here are my favorite albums of 2012, in no particular order. Yeah, I'm not ranking them, but I AM giving special awards to each. Read 'em and weep, and feel free to question my taste in music in the comments below.