Nachtmaros [Kaiju WIP]

Been designing and sculpting kaiju like crazy, and have a new one ready to share! This is Nachtmaros, who originates from the same planet as Hauntrara and Paralyzor, only of a different species (note the six eyes instead of one, and lack of arms). It uses its psychological powers to invade the dreams of those it seeks to destroy. When they see it in real life, they often have a feeling of horrifying déjà vu as they gaze up to its presence...but not for long, considering the monster's swift and merciless attacks.


Side View


Perspective View

Front View

Top View

3/4 Rear View


Paralyzor [Kaiju WIP]

Here's the 2nd of my creatures for my still unnamed Kaiju project (though I have a few ideas for names :). This is Paralyzor, whose cyclopian stare freezes people in their tracks, in tandem with Hauntrara. These first two creatures are part of the same family, hence the similarity in their structure (one eye, scales, webbed limbs). Paralyzor is a surface based Kaiju and focuses more on small groups and precision attacks, where as Hauntrara is airborne and has a much broader effect on the masses.








Hauntrara [Kaiju WIP]

Here is a look at the first of a series of creatures I’m concepting and creating for my own set of kaiju collector cards!

This is Hauntrara, a flying dragon inspired kaiju that slowly hovers over cities and paralyzes their population in fear, making them vulnerable to the more physically destructive monsters.

This is an untextured/unposed model, as I’m learning ZBrush along the way with the project (and having a blast with it!) and haven’t quite figured all that out yet. The cards themselves will feature more fleshed out artwork, and of course plenty of insane kaiju destruction!

Also, each monster has its own sumi inspired mark to identify it with, based on its unique shape.





front VIEW


In Review of 2014

2014 was a damn good year.

In fact, I'd have to say it was probably one of the best years I've ever had.

Huge thanks to all of you that shared it with me, in person and online, you know who you are!

//----------------- 20 FAVORITE MUSIC RELEASES OF 2014 -----------------//


----------------- Runner Ups -----------------

Desecravity : Orphic Signs

Chrysalide : Personal Revolution

Alraune : The Process of Self-Immolation

Nightbringer : Ego Dominus Tuus


//----------------- FAVORITE SHOWS ATTENDED IN 2014 -----------------//


Doug Stanhope


Hexer / Mutilation Rites



Night Creation / Hardwire / Hocico

Judas Priest

Jess and the Ancient Ones / King Diamond



//----------------- FAVORITE MOVIES OF 2014 -----------------//



//----------------- FAVORITE FREELANCE PROJECTS COMPLETED 2014  -----------------//


Device : Album Cover Design/Illustration

Head Trauma Productions : Production Tag Design/Animation

Head Trauma Productions : Pity End Credits Design/Animation

Reverend Mothers : Album Cover Design/Illustration

Scotchworthy Productions : Production Tag Design/Animation

The Line Film Co. : Production Tag Design/Animation

The Last Days of Ordinary by Sloan Archer : Book Cover Design/Collage

The Muck : Movie Poster Design/Illustration

Lb. Brewing Co. No. 60 German Rauchbier : Logo Design/Illustration

Last Rites : Logo Update/Redesign

Skull Toaster Skvll VVizard : Poster Design/Illustration

Reaper : Poster Design/Illustration

Downright Creepy/Rotten Rentals : Halloween III Poster Design/Illustration


//----------------- PERSONAL PROJECTS COMPLETED IN 2014 -----------------//


Kenophobe Drawing


Inchoate : Sterile : Cassette Reissue

Robonaut : Cassette Reissue


//----------------- EVENTS AND PODCASTS INVADED IN 2014 -----------------//


A Night of Short Films @ Screenland Armour

Spectrum Fantastic Arts Live

Steel for Brains

Crypticon KC

Dismember the Alamo


//----------------- THINGS I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO IN 2015 -----------------//


Panic Fest

Crypticon KC

Spectrum Fantastic Arts Live

Black Metal Warfare Tour

More Expiring Sun Limited Cassette Releases

Moving to a Live/Work Studio Space (*Fingers Invertedly Crossed*)


Halloween III VHS Pack and Screenprint for Downright Creepy

I recently finished a Halloween III: Season of the Witch poster for Downright Creepy! This was an absolute BLAST to work on, and I hope I get to work on more horror movie posters in the future!

It's available as a 3 color, 18x24" screenprint, and a nifty VHS pack filled with vintage trading cards, buttons, magnets and other goodies! Snag 'em now at!