Expiring Sun Cassettes is pleased to release 'Lunatic Meditation,' the highly experimental, dark and depraved funeral organ-driven album from France's brilliant K.F.R. With a full double-sided, ten panel layout showcasing the artwork created by the musician himself, Maxime Taccardi. Not for the squeamish, this is totally fucked!

As the artist says himself:

"...This is not the new album but merely an experimentation. It's not for everyone obviously but this is coming deeply from my guts... Beware! This is mental stuff, "Lunatic Meditation" is a concentrate of my torments, a collection of weird noises and melodies. This is the sound of depression, of morbid joy, melancholic nightmares and devouring hatred... A chat between dead stars and my mortal flesh... Sad, pathetic, ugly and desperate..."
-Maxime Taccardi, 2014


Limited to 100 copies

Chrome Plus high-bias black cassette tape with two-sided ten panel j-card. Includes two 1" buttons.

Includes Bandcamp download code (I'll e-mail it to you so you don't have to wait to get the cassette!)


1] Lunatic Meditation
2] Conjuration of My Own Self
3] Morbid Joy
4] Back to Depression
5] Nothing Left
6] Morbid Joy II (Satanik Gospel)
7] Behind the Forest
8] Wanderings


All instruments, lyrics, vocals, artworks and
mix by Maxime Taccardi. Layout by Brandon Duncan
Limited Release by

Dubbed & packaged @ Stull Studio, 2015.


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