How about some intelligent noise from Norway? Epilektrician has been consistently putting out quality electronic music since 1996. I'm thrilled and honored to have been able to work with the man behind the machines, Cthulberg, to put out the tape release of Epilektrician's latest album Quat:uoR. The tape features batshit crazy photography by Cthulberg himself and comes with a 1" button and download code. The download also includes a bonus track! The process behind the music is quite fascinating as well, which is detailed in the liner notes of the j-card. Quat:uoR is chilling and unsettling in the best possible way!

"The music on this cassette results from a long series of exercises in granular synthesis, fractal repetition, degeneration and finally juxtaposition. The tracks were composed using only four separate sounds of very limited duration per track. These sounds were then deeply and destructively manipulated in four improvised passes to make complex, extended soundscapes which were then layered with minimal interference. At no point during the creation of these tracks was there an end goal, instead the sounds were allowed to create their own space and realise their own potential with a complete absence of auditory and compositional rules, except those spontaneously generated outside the control of the author. Quat:uoR will at some point be succeeded by Quint:uoR which will have each track made up from a quintet of sounds rather than a quartet - growing denser, more complex still, tending gradually towards dissonance and entropy. This progression is thought to continue until a breaking point is reached and the project will be terminated."
-Cthulberg, 2015/01/30


Limited to 50 copies

Chrome Plus high-bias black cassette tape with two-sided five panel j-card. Includes a 1" button.

Includes Bandcamp download code (I'll e-mail it to you so you don't have to wait to get the cassette!)


1] Wrung Vessels
2] Tranquint A
3] Suprazöon
4] Brunt
5] Epistaxis
6] Sygnel


All tracks written, recorded mixed & mastered by
Epilektrician @ June-October 2014
©2014 Epilektrician. All Rights Reserved

Photography By Cthulberg. Layout by Brandon Duncan. Dubbed & packaged @ Stull Studio, 2015. Limited release by



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