ES004 : N-616 : [EX-PLANET EARTH]

Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia, N-616 has been releasing industrial-grounded music mixed with numerous other genres since the year 2000. Expiring Sun is proud to reissue their sub-underground 2005 album [Ex-Planet Earth], a mechanized onslaught of industrial noise destruction that will leave your tape deck in shambles.


Limited to 50 copies!

Chrome Plus high-bias black cassette tape with two-sided five panel j-card. Includes a 1" button.

Includes Bandcamp download code (I'll e-mail it to you so you don't have to wait to get the cassette!)


1] Bunker#616
2] Production
3] Monsters
4] Front Line
5] Consumption
6] Last Conflict
7] Citizens Kill Citizens
8] Ashes III
9] Civilization of the Dawn
10] Koniec


All tracks recorded by Vs and Z in 2003-2004, except 4 and 6 (Sadist: Guitar, Programming, Z: Noise and Roar). Track 7 and 8 are from the 2004 "Winter World III" Ep. “Ashes III” previously unavailable on hardcopy releases.

Photos by Flux (, Art By Dmitry Ignashov. Layout by Brandon Duncan.

Dubbed & Packaged @ Stull Studio, 2015
Limited release by


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