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While the witch house genre seemed to explode in popularity and implode over night, there are still numerous artists keeping the spirit alive, and stronger than ever. One of the strongest acts is Hamburg, Germany's FLESH. For the most part, FLESH sticks to the more atmospheric-wing of witch house, managing to feel like it would be equally at home as a soundtrack to an actual horror film, or pumping in your local underground club. To these ears, that's a pretty sweet spot to be in. Hit play below and sink your teeth into some FLESH!

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Phantasma Disques

For fans of Witch House and bizarre psychedelic electronics, the label Phantasma Disques out of Germany has a solid lineup of releases. Want to get your witchy-dance moves on? Then check out Sco and Morgve. Want to trip out on some down tempo creepscapes? Then give Drug Machine and Master Suspiria Vision a whirl. The label also has a large selection of vinyl, CD's and DVD's available on their website. And yes, I just invented the word creepscapes. I kinda like the sound of that. Just like the sound of these tunes from this label. Hit play below and get witchy!

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While digging through Bandcamp today, I ran across a goldmine of a label in Beläten out of Sweden. The label specializes in the darker aspects of electronic music, such as darkwave, cold wave, experimental, witch house, etc. So far I've only listened to about a quarter or less of their releases, but everything I've heard so far is of stellar quality. I'll be keeping my eye on this label, and diving more into their back catalog for sure. Here are the ones I've jammed out today. Inspiring stuff. Check 'em out!