Keratoconus : The Hamada EP


Well now this was fun. I recently had the honor to provide some guest backup vocals on the new Keratoconus EP from grind mastermind S.A. Mudd. Mr. Mudd and I have been chatting for several years now, so it's especially cool to be able to collaborate with him. I especially love the lyrics he wrote for this track. Pick it up on Bandcamp, and also be sure to check out his artwork! <a href="">The Hamada EP by Keratoconus</a>

Lyrics (by S. A. Mudd)

So you think you're just Standing up for yourself?, So what? You're just as toxic as everything You've chosen to be against

Fuckers! You'll change nothing and like it!

Clearly, you don't know how impractical it is (for me) To show concern for strangers that don't work well with me Save your sass! I can barely look after myself...

Time to patch up that bleating heart Because you'll just put more stress upon our necks With your dysenteric ideals Your heroes have been reduced down to memes and dust

All your lucky stars have blinked out Why don't you give it a rest?

All the efforts you've made to make a difference... Meaningless! Don't tire yourself out