Black Midi

For fans of highly experimental noise, it's hard to think of anything better than Black MIDI. Even better, the genre is jam packed with beautiful videos demonstrating the source material as visualized through keyboard training programs such as Synthesia. As long as you aren't prone to epileptic seizure, hit play below and get sucked in to the trippy world of impossible midi music!

Exhumations, Music

Severed Heads

Today's exhumation reveals a quite fantastic specimen out of Australia by the name of Severed Heads. The duo has been kicking out electronic music as far back as the late 70's. They also have several fantastic videos with classic 80's visual effects that are as pure as the music itself (unlike the ironic cheesiness of such effects we're bombarded with today). Hop on into the guillotine yourself below, and enjoy!

Experimentation, Music

Experimentation : 011517

Tonight I spent a few hours playing with the free VST Synth1 virtual analog synthesizer from Ichiro Toda. I started out with some freeform low-end flanging noise, then layered it with some arpeggiated (is that even a word? I'm using it anyway) high-end for a bit of a creepy sounding transition I'm digging. After the dip down, it comes back in with some slicing and application of noise to the Synth1. The drums are a mixture of a distorted Impulse 808 and BFD. Fun night! I almost feel like this is getting close to having many of the necessary elements for a complete song :)