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Experimentation : 011217

Tonight's sound experimentation revolved around a couple of free VST soft synths, OB-Xd and TAL-NoiseMaker. OB-Xd is flat out insane for a free plugin. I've only begun to scratch the surface, but I can tell I'll be spending a lot more time with it. It doesn't have an option to lock the LFO rate to the tempo of the track, which at first was driving me kind of crazy, but realized that's part of its charm (and again, it's free, so why the hell should I complain). The clip below starts out with a tone from it I got dialed in that I was feeling good about. Some extra fat low end comes in at about 1:05 via the NoiseMaker. I find this pairing layered on top of each other to be quite delicious. Just gotta spend some time tweaking the mix to allow for the percussion to keep thumping, without this deep madness drowning it out...