In Review of 2016

2016 was most certainly one of the most intense, eye-opening, hilarious, absurd, and memorable years I've ever experienced. Due to the fact that I unapologetically and publicly supported Donald Trump for president (Twitter's Response: "GASP!!!! RACIST!!! HOMOPHOBE!!! MISOGYNIST!!!"), I lost friends, made enemies, strengthened some previous relationships, and even made some great new ones. I learned first hand how susceptible people are to mass hysteria, and how quickly they will completely abandon any attempt at conversation and understanding in favor of simple name calling. To those in that camp, I say good riddance as I victoriously laugh off into the sunset. And to those that stuck with me, regardless of whether they agreed with me or not: Thank you. I'm blessed to have you in my life.

In regards to music and movies, 2016 was chock-full of goodness. There were more solid metal releases this year than I could keep track of. There are even a bunch of releases that have received high accolades that I haven't even listened to yet. So, my list is chosen simply based on the albums I repeatedly listened to the most. The biggest surprise was the new Metallica. Hot damn, it hits the spot. Pretty impressed by those guys this year! Movies wise, it was a bit of a dry year for sci-fi and horror (wasn't a fan of The Arrival or The Witch, and I'm not really much for the Star Wars universe), but it was still an excellent year otherwise. I was especially thrilled about Shin Godzilla...WOW.

So here they are! The text below the album covers will take you to a stream (if available), and the movie links will take you to their respective IMDB pages.

Now let's march into 2017 and conquer this bitch!

Favorite Albums : In No Particular Order


Favorite Movies : In No Particular Order