Doom NW

Recently I released the first level of a custom mini episode for one of my favorite games of all time, DOOM. I actually used to make levels back in the 90's before I even had the internet. The only people that ever played them were my Dad and my brother. Oh man I wish I still had those levels today...I bet they were awful.

Anyway, I had the itch to do it again and take a stab at doing some custom sound design, music and graphics for it. And Doom NW was born.

So far it's been getting some great feedback, and there are already a few playthroughs of it online. A couple of them are even incredibly amusing... ha! What an awesome surprise.

Some playthrough vids are below. However, if you feel like playing it I recommend not watching them, since they contain spoilers!

Get the first level here:

^ Really cool playthrough vid with nice commentary here. Thanks Vertigo!

^Another cool video with commentary. Henry actually found a couple bugs in the map that will be fixed in a bug fix soon. Thanks, Henry!

^ And finally, here's not one, but two videos that are pretty amusing. I was dying laughing at parts during both of them. I love the internet. Thanks, Timothy!