PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed

As someone who used to be practically addicted to social networking, and a participant in some drastically unhealthy interactions (as both the giver and receiver of negativity), I know first hand how dangerous it is for one’s health. It took me a long time, but I’m now going on roughly 1.5 years of being social networking free. It’s been quite remarkable how much happier and peaceful I’ve been.

On that note, here’s an excellent documentary on Social Networking I enjoyed. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.


Scientific Spiritualism

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a long standing interest in cults and mind control. So naturally, scientology is something in my wheelhouse. A while back a coworker of mine introduced me to this movie called “The Profit” that was obviously trying to expose Scientology. Despite its shortcomings in filmmaking quality, I think it did a pretty good job actually.

Of course I couldn’t help but be inspired. So here’s a new track with some samples from The Profit. Enjoy.

A Selection of Videos on Psychopathy

Psychopathy is a subject I've grown increasingly interested in the past few years. Here are a few videos I found very informative.

Here's an excellent, relatively short video from David Whitehead of the Unslaved podcast with a few key points on how to identify a psychopath:

Here's a full playlist with hours and hours of content about psychopathy from Thomas Sheridan. The content begins at about the 4:40 mark in this video:

Lastly, here's an hour and a half long presentation from Jake Morphonios on the psychopaths in the higher echelons of business and politics. Unfortunately he no longer has this video on his actual channel, likely due to the heavy YouTube censorship. At least it's still available to watch from a mirror:

Doom NW

Recently I released the first level of a custom mini episode for one of my favorite games of all time, DOOM. I actually used to make levels back in the 90's before I even had the internet. The only people that ever played them were my Dad and my brother. Oh man I wish I still had those levels today...I bet they were awful.

Anyway, I had the itch to do it again and take a stab at doing some custom sound design, music and graphics for it. And Doom NW was born.

So far it's been getting some great feedback, and there are already a few playthroughs of it online. A couple of them are even incredibly amusing... ha! What an awesome surprise.

Some playthrough vids are below. However, if you feel like playing it I recommend not watching them, since they contain spoilers!

Get the first level here:

^ Really cool playthrough vid with nice commentary here. Thanks Vertigo!

^Another cool video with commentary. Henry actually found a couple bugs in the map that will be fixed in a bug fix soon. Thanks, Henry!

^ And finally, here's not one, but two videos that are pretty amusing. I was dying laughing at parts during both of them. I love the internet. Thanks, Timothy!

Favorites of 2017

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Favorite Movies of 2017

Nerve War VS Nova Spire

Ottawa, Canada based artist Nova Spire and I recently traded some remixes of each other's tracks. This was a fun exercise, before this I had only one remix under my belt. It was especially cool to hear how different he made his remix from my original source material.

The fruits of our labor are below!

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ASCII Witchcraft

ASCII Witchcraft is a darkelectro/new-wave-ish project with one full length album under their belt, titled Antischism. While seductive vocals layered over grinding bass synthesizers and repetitive kicks are pretty much the standard recipe for this particular style (a recipe that works for me), ASCII Witchcraft adds enough of their own seasoning to make them stand apart.

The duo also takes their work into the visual realm to great effect, with numerous videos that fit the vibe of each track beautifully.

But enough of my babbling, hit play below and enjoy some ASCII Witchcraft!

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While the witch house genre seemed to explode in popularity and implode over night, there are still numerous artists keeping the spirit alive, and stronger than ever. One of the strongest acts is Hamburg, Germany's FLESH. For the most part, FLESH sticks to the more atmospheric-wing of witch house, managing to feel like it would be equally at home as a soundtrack to an actual horror film, or pumping in your local underground club. To these ears, that's a pretty sweet spot to be in. Hit play below and sink your teeth into some FLESH!

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Poni Hoax

Poni Hoax are an electronic/pop/rock act out of France formed in 2001. The band utilizes many different moods and styles, from upbeat funky jams to moody downtempo tracks that would fit well in a David Lynch movie. Obviously I'm drawn to their tracks that fit in the latter. The band shines best to these ears when they focus on brooding vocals that hit right in the gut. For this reason, the latest album Tropical Suite has yet to really click with me, as it overall has a brighter atmosphere, but I've been enjoying much of the bands past catalog. Here are a few of my favorite tracks. The Paper Bride and Budapest (a collaboration with Olga Kouklaki) are downright infectious. Enjoy!