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Recently I have started to do some livestreaming of various music things I’m working on. If you would like to join me, you can check out my streams at !

I’m still working on playing with different services such as Twitch, YouTube, D.Live, etc. Regardless of where I’m streaming, you should be able to view it at the site.

Last night I started working on a set of patches for the Roland Cloud/System-8 Jupiter-8. My plan is to livestream the design of all the patches, and then when I have an entire bank of patches made, I will release them for download here at :)

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Recommended Listening 06-23-19

I really should blog more often. I’m not going to guarantee that I will though. Anyway, here are some tunes I’ve been rocking lately that I recommend. Enjoy!!!


Red Market


Last Friday (05/17/19) I finally released an album I had been working on for quite a while, named Red Market. It is a dark-electro-industrial album with themes revolving around Hollywood cults, elite blood transfusions, human trafficking, the weaponized porn industry, and related things.

It’s available now at and on bandcamp at

It is also available as a limited edition red tint cassette that comes with a 1” pin and 5 panel j-card.

There is also an ultra-limited VHS tape with visualizations of every song that comes with a 6 panel insert and 3” square sticker. There are only 25 of these that will be in existence!

Last fall/winter I actually performed this material live on a couple occasions. First time I had done anything live in a little over a decade. Sheesh! Now that the album is done, I’m going to see if I can set up a couple more shows this year… We shall see :)

PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed

As someone who used to be practically addicted to social networking, and a participant in some drastically unhealthy interactions (as both the giver and receiver of negativity), I know first hand how dangerous it is for one’s health. It took me a long time, but I’m now going on roughly 1.5 years of being social networking free. It’s been quite remarkable how much happier and peaceful I’ve been.

On that note, here’s an excellent documentary on Social Networking I enjoyed. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.


Scientific Spiritualism

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a long standing interest in cults and mind control. So naturally, scientology is something in my wheelhouse. A while back a coworker of mine introduced me to this movie called “The Profit” that was obviously trying to expose Scientology. Despite its shortcomings in filmmaking quality, I think it did a pretty good job actually.

Of course I couldn’t help but be inspired. So here’s a new track with some samples from The Profit. Enjoy.