Non-Music Recommendations

During the days at my job, I often listen to a lot of Podcasts and YouTube channels dealing with history, current events, religion, politics, and the darkness hidden behind what we're told is reality. Here are the ones that I feel are the cream of the crop. I hope you find something here that you enjoy. Enjoy.


The Outer Dark

The Outer Light

David Icke

Thomas Sheridan

Jordan Peterson

Mark Dice

Bill Whittle

The End Times News Report

The Rubin Report

Computing Forever

Joe Rogan


The Rageaholic

David Wood

Dan Carlin

Red Pill Philosophy

Stefan Molyneaux

Black Pilled

Blaire White

Some Black Guy

Barry Soetoro

Lauren Southern

Mike Cernovich

The Revolutionary Conservative

Paul Joseph Watson

The Doctor of Common Sense


Leo Dunson

The HoneyBee