Exhumations : No More

No More is a minimal-electro/post-punk band that has been kicking out the jams since 1979. The first track I discovered was “Suicide Commando,” which lead me to immediately do some further research, due to my love of the Johan van Roy project by the same name. And what do you know, the Suicide Commando I’ve been jamming out to for years now actually got its name from the No More track. Whoa!

I’m still digging through their rather extensive discography, but so far I’m enjoying No More very much. And maybe you will too. Only one way to find out…

Exhumations : Baroque Bordello

Baroque Bordello was a Post-Punk outfit based out of France in the 80’s. The music consists of appropriately moody reverbed-out guitars and heavy basslines, carried along with powerful and emotional vocals. If that sounds like your cup of tea, give Baroque Bordello a shot below!


Exhumations : Malaria!

Formed in Berlin, Germany in the early-early 80’s by previous members of Mania D, Malaria!’s experimental gothy post-punk feels fresh even in 2017. It’s hard to find much history of the outfit online, but apparently they toured with The Birthday Party and John Cale, therefore making them one of the first bands to bring this particular brand of German music to the USA [source].

So get out your bug spray, because otherwise you’re about to be infected with… Malaria!

Exhumations : Severed Heads

Today’s exhumation reveals a quite fantastic specimen out of Australia by the name of Severed Heads. The duo has been kicking out electronic music as far back as the late 70’s. They also have several fantastic videos with classic 80’s visual effects that are as pure as the music itself (unlike the ironic cheesiness of such effects we’re bombarded with today).

Hop on into the guillotine yourself below, and enjoy!


Exhumations : KaS Product

Welcome to a new category on the Nerve War blog: Exhumations. In this category, I will be posting electronic music from the past that I’ve only recently discovered with my metaphorical archaeology kit.

The first to be exhumed is KaS Product, who was (still is?) a duo based out of France. While the coldwave electronics of KaS Product are certainly catchy, it’s the remarkable vocal performances of Mona Soyoc that puts the duo over the top.

Dig in!