Nerve War


The Nerve War blog is a home for everything I’m interested in when it comes to music. From bands I like and want to share, to my own experiments and music updates.

This is NOT a music reviews, ratings or news blog. It’s more of an online journal of things I’m doing and enjoying. However, if you happen to make music that you think I might dig based on what you see here, feel free to send it my way. If I like what I hear, I may very well post your tunes in the Spotlights section.

Here is a description of what you will find in the various categories on the blog:

Experimentation : Posts regarding my own music and sound experiments.

Exhumations : Posts featuring older bands from the past that I’ve only recently discovered.

Spotlights : Posts featuring current bands and artists that I’m enjoying.


I have been writing and recording music for about 20 years now. My love for creating music first started out when I was in high school with a bass guitar and a Fostex 4-track (which I still wish I had). As many people can relate to, my passion continued to grow more and more as I began learning more instruments, more recording techniques, and how to work with better gear. Two decades in and I still crave spending as much time in my little home studio as possible.

Over the years, I’ve been involved with numerous projects and released quite a few albums under various names. Here they all are.

NERVE WAR (2016-Current)
My latest all electronic project. Debut album released April 28, 2017.

POP DUO (2016-Current)
A minimalist, trip-hop-ish collaboration with Matt Finney of It Only Gets Worse. We’ve only released one EP so far, but hopefully we’ll release a full length later this year or early next year.

STERILIZER (2014-Current)
An industrial project inspired by gritty exploitation and revenge films along with the many horrors of humanity. Follow up album in the works…

SECLUSIA (2012-Current)
There has only been one EP released under the Seclusia banner, which is a an instrumental goth rock project, or in other words, music for rainy days. It includes a lot of clean channel guitars with some keyboards and piano. I’m planning on releasing another.

This was a purely electronic project which was inspired by the strange sounds of classic science fiction films. One album released.

Another one of my serious projects, the first TSOP album was actually completely programmed with an onslaught of drum machines. It then became an industrialized thrash metal doomsday-themed project for two more albums. There may be another one…

This was an experiment in me attempting to do some industrial hip-hop (which is something I’d like to experiment again with one of these days).

A short-lived gore-grind project that I made a few cd’s of. It was terrible.

MANCUBUS (1998-2000)
This was my first serious project, with my cousin Eric and friend Mike. We collaborated long distance, as I was in Kansas and they were in Texas. This was back when we all just had dial up internet. So we would spend all night sending audio files back and forth with each other. We released 2 albums that I’m actually still pretty proud of to this day.

BLEED (1998-1999)
Another comedic project, with this I mostly made fun of popular songs on the radio. I posted these little clips on mp3.com back in the day.

HEGAMUS (1998-1999)
A silly, comedic punk “band” I had with some friends in high school. We released a couple cassette tapes and just gave them out to a few people at school.

INCHOATE (1998-2008)
Experimental noise/electronic stuff. Began as an album made out of distorted sounds mostly done with my mouth and me banging on various things in my bedroom. It then became a purely electronic project for an album. Later it became more song oriented, guitar driven music. I released four albums under this name.