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In Support of Alex Jones + Infowars


Today, Alex Jones/Infowars was officially banned from Facebook and YouTube. Alex was one of the first people to help wake me up in the early 2000's with his now famous video exposé of Bohemian Grove, so in that regard he will always have my respect. This deplatforming is a major indication of just how serious the attack on freedom of speech is.

I don't agree with or believe everything Alex or his employees say on Infowars, but at least they usually provide a different angle than the MSM, and even act as a "gateway drug" for many people to try and find the truth. It saddens me that this traditional American philosophy of "I don't agree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it" is no longer appreciated.

Censorship is tyranny!

Keep up with Infowars on Bitchute and infowars.com/show

Here's a couple relevant videos about the banning.


And a couple relevant tweets from Wikileaks.